text 6 Jun 2.Hell FYI: Flattr

If you want to support musicians we strongly recommend to Flattr them on Grooveshark, where thousands of artist profiles are flattrable.

quote 6 Jun
2.Hell Comments: Flattr


it’s wonderful, that so many people flattr the taz. But allthough it would be nice, the small blogs get more flattr-clicks. At the moment I pay more than I get. O.K. – so it is…

Best wishes


text 28 May Hipstamatic Oggl
  • Oggl isn’t a fuzzy snap of cooking solo on Tuesday—it’s dinner at French Laundry
  • Oggl isn’t screenshots of your favorite album cover—it’s when you hung backstage with the band
  • Oggl isn’t ducklips or bathroom selfies—it’s living like you mean it, your best creative work, and amazing life moments
text 18 Apr 2.Hell Taglines: Kred

We all have Kred somewhere.

text 16 Mar Lifeables

Lifeables is a collaborative social media platform for family content curation.

text 1 Mar Zukmo

Remember Nothing! Zukmo Everything!

text 22 Feb DoDyDo

DoDyDos - rocked by HTML5 - can include text, photos, YouTube videos, maps and links.

Each #DoDyDo has an #InBox, where you can drop other DoDyDos. The author of the DoDyDo can now decide whether to publish this proposal on his DoDyDo.

Thus published DoDyDos have now an InBox again.

So if you create a DoDyDo ‘The best dive sites of the Maldives’ and publish a DoDyDo ‘Kani Corner’ on this DoDyDo, I can send you a DoDyDo incuding the image of a giant whale shark, which I saw there, to your ‘Kani Corner’ DoDyDo.

My ‘whale shark’ DoDyDo can also be a part of a ‘big fishes’ DoDyDo and can include a DoDyDos ‘The habits of a whale shark.’

The idea is that you can FOLLOW PEOPLE AND TOPICS.

You can simply drag the #Grabber (at the right top menu) to your browser favorites bar and grab links, images, and texts on any website or videos on YouTube.

text 18 Jan 2.Hell Headlines: NaturallyCurly Network

NaturallyCurly Network, “the leading social network for people with curly, kinky and wavy hair,” managed to secure $1.5 million in venture funding last year.

text 17 Jan 2.Hell Headlines: Gigablast

Gigablast pivots into Flurbit, the largest event search engine in the U.S.

text 24 Oct 2.Hell Pivots: Friendslist

Where it is now: Friendslist has pivoted to 4Sqand7yearsago, a company that keeps track of your Foursquare checkins and sends you an alert one year later to remind you what you did. It is still working on the product and has made no public funding announcement.”

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